April 10th, 2020


 Our Response To COVID-19


Proactively Working to Protect Our CommunitY



Hi Everyone, we here at City Pets hope you are keeping well,


There have been more recent reports of pets testing positive for COVID-19, with the cat (and a Tiger) showing symptoms of the disease. The dogs that tested positive did not show any symptoms. All pets were known to have had contact with COVID-19 infected people. 


There is no evidence at this time that people are able to contract the virus from pets, only pets have been able to contract it from people. The British Veterinary Association has recommended cats be kept indoors if anyone in the household is showing symptoms of COVID-19 to reduce the potential for transmission to other cats. There has been no such statement from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), however the CFIA does recommend the following:


Precautionary measures around animals:
As a precautionary measure, the CFIA recommends that people with COVID-19 symptoms or those who are self-isolating due to contact with a COVID-19 case, should follow similar recommendations around animals, as they would around other people in these circumstances:


* avoid close contact with animals during your illness
* practice good handwashing and avoid coughing and sneezing on your animals
* do not visit farms or contact livestock
* if possible, have another member of your household care for your animals if this is not possible, always wash your hands before and after touching animals, their food and supplies
* limit your animal’s contact with other people and animals outside the household until your illness has resolved


Pets contribute to our overall happiness and well-being, especially in times of stress. If you are feeling well (no symptoms of COVID-19) and are not self-isolating because of COVID-19 illness, taking walks with your dog and/or spending other time with your pet can contribute to keeping both you and your pet healthy. 


For up to date and reliable information regarding Pets and COVID-19, we recommend that you follow the link below to a blog “Worms and Germs” by Dr. Scott Weese. Dr. Weese is the Chief of Infection Control at the Ontario Veterinary College, his blog is published by the University of Guelph Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses. 


Human-to-cat COVID-19 virus transmission: Belgium

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